Hello from the other side…

Hello and Welcome!

Before I dive in too deep, a little bit about me…

I am Kate and glad to have you here.  I do crazy Science things for a living and have just made it past the quarter century mark (26)…eekk!!!

I am really new to this whole writing scene…so please bare with me! Last time I wrote a piece that made any sense whatsoever was a college paper on Genetic Modification. Oh, also a series of love letters to my ex-boyfriend (but I guess that doesn’t fit the bill haha).

I I love comedy and have got somewhat of a wit myself hehe. Also, I will probably never say this to myself out loud but I am a die-hard romantic. I still believe in “Always”, “Forever”, “love conquers all”, “where there’s a will, there’s a way”, “happily ever after” and all that nonsense.  Let’s just leave it for another day lol.

Now the question is what brings me here?  I am sure there are multiple variations of me all over the internet-“girl with broken heart”, “girl vs the world”,  “girl who still hasn’t figured out what she wants to do with her life”, “girl vs quarter century crisis”, “girl vs blah blah blah”.  I am the total package of all those ingredients put in a blender for a disastrous smoothie haha

So, here I am…in search for the perfect recipe for life.

Let the adventures begin!


Kate M.